FHA Streamline in Calgary

It might not seem that common, but many people will need to refinance mortgage loans at some point. It happens; maybe you’ve found a better home loan, or maybe your current mortgage isn’t quite fit for your financial situation anymore. In cases like this, refinancing is necessary.

But how do you refinance a mortgage loan provided by the Federal Housing Administration? It’s a little known fact that refinancing requires you to submit a set of documents and underwriting, and FHA mortgage loans are no different.

Calgary Mortgage provides FHA streamline in Calgary for your FHA refinancing needs. Our streamline financing solutions are available under both credit qualifying and non-credit qualifying options and essentially ‘streamlines’ the process of refinancing your loan.

Before you avail of our FHA streamlining in Calgary, you need to make sure you qualify for it. The basic refinancing requirements of streamlining include:

  • The mortgage that you are planning to be refinanced is FHA insured.
  • Additionally, the mortgage should be current and not in a delinquent status.
  • The refinanced mortgage should be a net tangible benefit to the borrower.

Calgary Mortgage provides both no-cost and low-cost refinancing for your FHA loans. Our team will analyze your current mortgage loan and find the best solution that fits your current financial needs. We’ll make sure you make the right decision on the mortgage loan that you’re planning to refinance.

Still looking for FHA streamlining in Calgary? Calgary Mortgage will assist you in your refinancing efforts and find you the best FHA streamlining solution that fits your current financial needs.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our FHA streamline in Calagary.